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Prompt Roofing
Prompt Roofing 3 year guarantee

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Standard Terms and Conditions


 All transactions between Prompt Roofing and the Client will be subject to the Following terms and conditions:


 1 - All quotes are valid for a period of 90 days only.     

 2 - PAYMENT TERMS: A 50 % deposit is payable on acceptance of the quote (please email the proof of payment to, and 50% on completion. 

However, if your project value exceeds R50000.00 then a progress payment of 25% will be required once 50% of the work has been completed and the balance of the quote is payable on completion of the work.
Any contract with a value below R12500.00 will require a full payment before the project commences.

As soon as you have accepted the quotation you will be asked to provide your RSA ID or Passport number as soon as this has been provided we will provide a start date for your project.

 3 - The balance of the quoted amount is payable on the completion of the scope of work stated in the quotation and on presentation of the final invoice. (Prompt Roofing reserves the right to take necessary legal action if the account if not settled in 7 days, legal costs will be for the account of the client, a revised invoice will be sent to our client including the debt collection costs).

 4 - A guarantee will only be issued on full and final payment of the invoice and an appointment to visit your site on the expiry anniversary of your guarantee.

 5 - A cancellation fee of 10% will be charged on the cancellation of any online accepted or signed accepted quote.

 6 - We require timeous unhindered access to the site is to made at all times until the completion of the contract.

 7 - It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all items of furniture, all fixtures, all fittings and vehicles etc. are removed from the area where the work in order to alleviate any damage being caused during the duration of the contract. (Prompt Roofing cannot be held liable for any damages)
8 - Prompt Roofing will take every precaution to secure the roof whilst working is being carried out on the roof, however Prompt Roofing will not be held liable for any damages caused to the property due to weather during this period.

 9 - This quote is for the work that is specified ONLY and excludes any unforeseen or hidden items that may affect the work quoted on.  Should any further remedial work be required as a result of such unforeseen or hidden items, this work will be quoted for separately and we will send you a quotation for your approval, only once the new quotation has been accepted on our system will the additional work be under taken.

 10 - Should the quotation that is submitted not be accepted in its entirety by the client, Prompt Roofing reserves the right to amend the guarantee based on the scope of work agreed to and accepted by the client.

 11 - Although extreme caution will be taken by Prompt Roofing when working on skylights, Prompt Roofing will not be held liable for skylight glass that may get broken or damage.

 12 - Although extreme caution will be taken by Prompt Roof when working near TV/Satellite dish cabling, electrical and plumbing, Prompt Roofing will not be held liable for damage to these cables, electrical wires or pipes.

 13 - Prompt Roofing will not be held liable for any errors or omissions relating to the submitted quotation and or accepted quotation.

 14 - Unspecified areas in terms of the quote will excluded from the scope of work to be undertaken.

 15 - Amendments and/or additions to the quotation will only be valid once the additional work has been reduced to writing and signed or accepted online for by both parties.

 16 - All materials used to build or repair roof structures remain the property of Prompt Roofing until such time that the final invoice has been settled in full.

 17 - Prompt Roofing reserves the right to take legal action against any client should final payment not be received within 7 days of the client receiving the final invoice.  The client will be liable for all legal costs pertaining.

 18 - The guarantee issued by Prompt Roofing does not cover any damaged caused as a result of lack of maintenance, including but not limited to cleaning of gutters and downpipes as well as the removal of leave and debris from the roofs and gutters.

 19 - The guarantee issued by Prompt Roofing does not cover any damages that may be as a result of Force Majeure, including but not limited to hail, wind or storm damage. Furthermore the guarantee issued by Prompt Roofing will be deemed to be obsolete and rendered invalid in the event that any other party other than Prompt Roofing undertakes or performs any work on the area covered under the guarantee issued by Prompt Roofing, unless Prompt Roofing has been informed and agrees to the works required and that Prompt Roofing has provided written consent and process for the prescribed work. In this instance the guarantee will be amended to reflect the revised area covered under guarantee by Prompt Roofing for the remainder of the guarantee period.

  20 - 12 year warranty is valid for the full duration, however it is subject to 3 yearly maintenance inspection intervals and all necessary quoted maintenance work being accepted and completed.  We will send you a reminder, to the contact email that we have on file when the 3 yearly inspection is due.  Should you choose not to have the inspection, the guarantee for the remaining period will no longer be valid.


 Liabilities and Indemnities:     


The Client indemnifies Prompt Roofing and all its representatives for all damages, force majeure, unforeseen damages, loss of income or any other loss suffered by the Client and or any 3rd party as a result of any actives, whilst work is being performed by Prompt Roofing in terms of the scope of works as described in the quotation.

Your guarantee will cover leaks caused by poor workmanship, or product failures on areas we have worked on however will not cover hail damage nor any maintenance causes for example any blocked gutters that have not been cleaned. 


 The Client hereby undertakes to notify Prompt Roofing, in writing to, of any dissatisfaction with regard to remedial works  undertaken within 7 days of such work being completed.

 Prompt roofing undertakes to address all complaint and rectify any unsatisfactory work timeously.

Prompt Roofing Agreement
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